Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Prepares His State of the Communion Address

Hi, I’m Pastor Pillow. Sorry for the mess. Come on in. Watch out for those empty bottles. I swear I started with Cold Duck—how I ended up with all these bottles of Old Crow I have no idea. Mrs. Pillow is away for the weekend [hiccup!] at a Faith & Freedom Coalition conference planning meeting—she’s […]

SPECIAL EDITION Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: A Pastor Pillow Christmas Carol

Pastor Pillow stirred in his sleep. He heard a soft jingling, and his sleeping consciousness assumed it was nothing more than 6,000 springs adjusting themselves in his Jab Anstoez-handcrafted Majesty VI bed. The bed was a gift from the Cubic Zirconium Cathedral Ministries Board of Ruling Elders, given to the good minister for his successful […]

Union Busting with Pepper Spray Drones?

Union busting is a practice that has been around since before unions. The classical mode of suppressing workers organizing for rights and fair pay has been, literally, to bust heads. After the death of 34 mining strikers by police last year in South Africa, one company has the ever-so-brilliant plan of arming drones with industrial pepper spray […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: 2014, Civilization in the Balance

Pastor Pillow here! Parishioners, kindly open your hymnals to No. 475, “Rock of Ages.” Ahem.  Make that No. 457. Sigh.  Never mind. Lots to share upon my return from all the spiritual retreating that Mt. Athos has to offer.  No, there’s nothing quite like hanging ten with holy persons on the peninsula of Chalkidiki in […]

Amazon Announces Future Plans to Use Drones, Conspiracy Theorists Ridiculously Lose Their Minds

I swear, sometimes people are so incredibly gullible it’s just sad.  Now I get emotional reactions to things.  I’ve been guilty of reacting emotionally to certain situations.  But sometimes people just really need to use their heads just a bit more. By now, many of you have undoubtedly heard about the “ambitious” plan by […]

Beam Me Up: Obamacare in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

I love Dick. Don’t worry, this article is not a Rick Warren-inspired cry for help for gay conversion therapy.  The reference is to Philip K. Dick, quite possibly the greatest science fiction author of all-time. If you are not familiar with Dick, you probably have seen a movie or two inspired by his brilliantly warped […]

A Look at the Irrational Fear Many Have When it Comes to “Drones”

“Drones are flying over your head right now.  Watching.  Recording.  And they will kill you if they feel like it!  Be afraid!”  When I talk to individuals who are adamant opponents against drones, this is essentially the kind of vibe I get from them. And it makes absolutely no sense.  I just don’t get it. […]

Is Rand Paul on his way to becoming the next Mitt Romney?

Something occurred to me when I looked at Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s recent comments following his near weeklong feud with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. He has become the next Mitt Romney. Not in the way of wealth, but in his ability to seemingly contradict himself from one day to the next.  And how he’s […]

Progressivism vs. The Universe: A Redwood in a Thunderstorm

Even a casual student of history understands that the world—hell, the universe—has not changed much with respect to violence over time. Maybe a better way to frame this is to say that the Big Bang is more a fan of the Fourth Crusade than of Christ and Gandhi. One of the most common water cooler […]

The Libertarian Denial: The Truth About Rand Paul and Drones

I wrote an article yesterday covering the comments made by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul on Monday, when he shockingly said he supported the use of drones to kill Americans on American soil without a trial.  This, of course, is a complete contradiction from his 13 hour filibuster in March where he spoke out against the […]