Florida Rep. Busted for Cocaine Possession, Voted For Drug Testing All Welfare Recipients

In a tale of bitter irony (and massive hypocrisy), news has just surfaced that Republican Florida Representative Trey Radel was busted last month for cocaine possession.  Why is this both ironic and hypocritical, you ask?  Well, Rep. Radel was one of many House Republicans who voted for a bill that would allow states to require […]

Texas to Allow Discrimination in Drug Testing Welfare Applicants

Texas is set to join other states by requiring applicants for welfare, or TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) as it’s now called in Texas, to pass a drug test before receiving any benefits. Not overly shocking.  It’s Texas, I live here—I’m just shocked it’s taken this long.   Besides, other states have done it, and […]