New Information Might Help Send Rick Perry Straight to Prison

By now most people have heard about Texas Governor Rick Perry being indicted on two felonies for abuse of power and coercion of a public servant. If convicted, Perry faces anywhere from 5-99 years for the first count and between two and ten years for the second. Naturally, Perry has denied these allegations. He’s claiming that his […]

Cop Busted Driving Drunk Asks To Be Let Go As A ‘Professional Courtesy’

The situation currently going on in Ferguson, Missouri has put the behavior of many of our nation’s law enforcement officials in the headlines for the last several days. But no matter what your opinion is concerning the events that continue to go on in Ferguson, I believe most people can agree that unethical and immoral […]

Man Drives Drunk at 100mph, Crashes Into and Kills Young Couple – Judge Lets Him Out Without Bail

I’m not sure if it’s our access to media that we have nowadays, or it’s an escalating problem within our judicial system, but there seems to be a systemic problem in this country of people committing horrible crimes being coddled by judges. The latest case comes from Minnesota where 55-year-old Philip Scott Bertelsen was set […]

Driving Miss Dixie & the Consequences of Duck-Headedness

Once upon a time, I thought Haitians were the worst drivers in the world.  Then, on January 1, 2003, I moved to Columbia, South Carolina, and immediately came to respect the controlled chaos of Tap-Tap drivers careening about Port-au-Prince like a flash mob of alkali metals with electrons to burn. I had never seen anything […]