More Bad News for Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson Fans, Show Ratings in Massive Free Fall

In the grand scheme of things, the A&E show Duck Dynasty doesn’t really matter.  It’s a fake reality show based on the premise of watching the Robertson family, and some of their friends, doing random silly things.  It’s clearly staged, but you can’t discount the popularity of the show and the family. Until Phil Robertson […]

News Gets Worse for Duck Dynasty: Ratings Continue to Plummet, Lowest Levels Since Season 2

This probably isn’t exactly what the Robertson family thought was going to happen.  Following the ignorant interview Phil Robertson gave last month to GQ Magazine and his subsequent “suspension” from A&E (for about a week), tens of millions of Ducky Dynasty supporters rushed to the defense of Robertson and his “right to free speech.” Even […]

The Power of Ignorance: Duck Dynasty Ratings Plummet After Phil Robertson Comments

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure most of you heard about the “scandal” last month involving Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and his controversial comments about African-Americans and homosexuals. And as many of you already know, A&E promptly “suspended” Phil Robertson (I think it lasted about a week) for his comments. This, of […]