John Boehner’s Resignation Signals The End Of The Republican Party

Speaker John Boehner’s departure marks another point political historians will look back on when conducting the postmortem autopsy of the Republican Party as we know it. Speaker Boehner represents a dying breed of Republican, the kind that could work across the aisle when needed but still managed to stick to the party’s favorite talking points […]

Ben Carson: Planned Parenthood Was Designed To Exterminate Black People

The anti-Planned Parenthood army is having a field day with the discredited video that alleges the group sells fetal tissues left over from abortion procedures. Conservative lawmakers have quickly pounced on this James O’Keefe-style┬áhit piece as an opportunity to score points with the far right by calling for investigations, and restating their promises to anti-Planned […]

Ben Carson Will Attend Iowa “Religious Liberties” Conference Held By Radio Host Who Wants Gays Executed

The 2016 Republican primary field is really, really crowded this year. If you’re a candidate who doesn’t have tens millions of dollars of your own money to spend and you haven’t managed to score some super PAC funding, you really have to fight for every last vote you can get in order to have a […]

Bobby Jindal Doesn’t Have A Chance, So Why Is He Running For President?

Every time I think that Bobby Jindal couldn’t possibly do something any more ridiculous, he manages to think of something to top his previous performance. Whether it has been issuing an executive order to allow businesses and government employees to discriminate against the LGBT community, or signing a law to protect oil companies like BP […]

Bobby Jindal Tries #AskBobby Q&A On Twitter, Goes Down In Flames

My governor, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal, is one of many Republicans running for the party’s presidential nomination in 2016. With so many candidates in the race, anything he could do to get an edge on the competition would have been a welcome to his campaign, which is currently sitting in the low single digits in the […]

Bobby Jindal Complains That President Obama is ‘Unfit To Be Commander in Chief’

Just when I thought Bobby Jindal couldn’t do anything more blatant to pander to the far right ahead of the 2016 Republican primaries, he goes and pulls another stunt. Right after meeting with President Obama along with other governors at the White House, Bobby Jindal got in front of the microphone to proclaim that President […]

Speaker Boehner Is Wrong: The GOP War On Gay Rights Isn’t Over

Speaker John Boehner yesterday stated that he did not expect House Republicans to take up arms and try to fight the decision of the Supreme Court when they issue their ruling on same-sex marriage later this year. It is believed that that their decision will likely be a close 5-4 vote in favor of extending […]