Falling Oil Prices Expose Bobby Jindal’s Failed Conservative Economic Policies

Most people around the United States are probably ecstatic at the low, low price of gas right now. Looking at Gasbuddy.com, most of the country is under $2.61 a gallon and some areas in the Midwest are almost a dollar less than that. Here in Lafayette, I passed one gas station this morning that was […]

Collapse the Economy? You Get Rewarded. Protest Big Banks with Chalk? You Face Jail Time.

Remember how we bailed out Bank of America and they repaid our kindness by finding ways to deny loan modifications so that they could foreclose on homeowners? If you were disgusted and outraged by that, just wait — there’s more. In San Diego, Jeff Olson is facing up to 13 years in a California prison. […]

Yes, We Can Still Blame Bush

You still hear the old line from Republicans, “Oh, what are you going to do, blame Bush for this too?”  Basically, it’s a jab at liberals who still blame Bush for an economy that isn’t yet fully recovered from our 2008 economic crash. These people act as if fixing a mess is as easy as […]