Stats Showing Trump Was Elected By People Who Must Not Care About Reality and Facts

It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s path to the White House was fueled by lies, propaganda, conspiracies, racism, and bigotry. Millions of people were conned into voting for a hustler who did nothing more than spend his campaign pandering to their delusional, ignorant, and warped view of the world. People who seem to think that […]

Parental Freakout Over Islam In World Geography Class Causes Augusta County, VA Schools To Close

Periodically, I go back to read the local news on The Daily News Leader, the website for the paper I grew up reading. Nearly 15 years ago, I packed up my stuff and left Augusta County, Virginia – and haven’t been back since 2004. The Shenandoah Valley area is where I was born and raised, […]

Gardner, Louisiana Residents Confuse Hebrew Signs With ISIS Terrorism Messages

Gardner, Louisiana is a small town in Rapides Parish, about 15 miles to the southwest of Alexandria. Like many other rural areas across the South, it is very conservative, very religious, and apparently extremely ignorant. How bad could it be? Well, according to a local news report, residents of Gardner were freaked out about signs […]

Oklahoma Bill Confirms That Republicans are Trying to Change Facts, Alter History

If you haven’t heard, the state of Oklahoma is waging an all-out assault on Advanced Placement U.S. history in their public schools. Apparently, Republicans within the state legislature feel that telling the truth about our nation’s history is simply not patriotic. Though I believe it goes much deeper than just trying to whitewash some of our […]

Breaking: Massive Backlash from Parents and Students in Oklahoma After State’s Attempt to Ban AP History

In case you haven’t heard, there’s currently a push within the state of Oklahoma to pull funding from AP History and essentially end the program in the state’s public school system. The “controversy” stems from some Republican lawmakers claiming that the course paints the United States in a negative light. Essentially, because it doesn’t whitewash […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Carves Space for Moses on Mt. Rushmore

Hi, I’m Pastor Pillow, CPO of Cubic Zirconium Cathedral Ministries. What’s a CPO? Why, Chief Pastoral Officer, of course. But today just call me Chairman Pillow. See, here’s my trusty gavel—a gift from Justice Clarence Thomas. He and I met at a Fellowship barbecue in DC a few years back, and he personally used this […]

Racial Inequality Is Alive And Kicking, No Matter What Fox News Says

If all you listened to was right-wing pundits, you could be forgiven for thinking that the civil rights movement was hundreds of years ago, instead of less than fifty. You could easily assume that racial inequality doesn’t exist, and that people are poor simply because they’re lazy. You would believe that America is a land […]

We Should Put Trigger Warnings on Conservatives

Trigger warnings for conservative points against the use of trigger warning (and discussion of reasons why people have triggers). The folks at National Review  haven’t been on their game since their founder, the cranky dictionary known as William Buckley, died. On the Fox News scale of Reactionary Conservatism, they rate a seven to American Thinker‘s […]

Senators Franken and Durbin Introduce the Affordable College Textbook Act

On November 14th, US Senators Al Franken (D-MN) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) introduced Senate Bill 1704, also known as the “Affordable College Textbook Act.” This legislation aims to reduce or even eliminate the cost of college textbooks through implementing open source materials, instead of the current textbooks which cost an average of $1,200 annually for […]

Gov. Bobby Jindal Says President Obama Can “Learn From Louisiana”

Trying to maintain some sort of relevance in the political sphere, Bobby “Stop Being The Stupid Party” Jindal criticized President Obama once again in a press conference held in Baton Rouge on Thursday, ahead of the President’s visit to New Orleans on Friday to discuss domestic exports. According to, Jindal stated the following: “I […]