New Information Suggests Edward Snowden Might Have Given Intel to the Russians and Chinese

Most people who follow me know I’m not exactly a fan of Edward Snowden. Many of his supporters simply focus on the fact that he shed light on some rather questionable practices being carried about the NSA as it pertains to collecting the personal information of Americans, but I’ve never been convinced that stealing 1.7 million […]

Edward Snowden Says He’s ‘Very Fortunate’ to be in Russia, Makes Ridiculous Claim About Guantanamo

I try to avoid talking about Edward Snowden because discussing him with many people, especially his supporters, is like debating guns with gun nuts. People who support Edward Snowden don’t care what he says or does.  They don’t care that he leaked a lot of classified information that had nothing to do with the Constitutional rights […]

Let Me Show You Why Edward Snowden is a Traitor and Not a Patriot

Recently I wrote an article mocking Edward Snowden for claiming that the only reason he’s stuck in Russia is because the United States pulled his passport.  I mocked that because Snowden would have to have been a complete buffoon to not know that after he publicly came out as the person who leaked these NSA documents, the […]

Edward Snowden Finally Proves Once and For All What a Narcissistic Traitor He Really Is

Even if some of the information Edward Snowden has leaked was important for the American people to know, in my opinion he’s still a traitor to his country. He illegally stole a ton of information, fled the country, then released that intelligence information to the world. And don’t give me this whole “he’s a patriot standing up for the […]

Rand Paul Pathetically Tries to Take Credit for Planned Changes to NSA Policies

I remember when I was in school, a professor told me that to be a high profile politician means you have to essentially be an egomaniac.  Basically they have to believe that everything they do is great, most people are inferior to them, and if something they say or do turns out to be wrong […]

Stephen Colbert Slams Both the NSA and Edward Snowden

In my opinion, Stephen Colbert is a bit of an enigma.  Similar to people like Zach Galifianakis or Will Ferrell, he seems to live much of his life in a state of perpetual satire and character.  Even when outside of the confines of his show, it’s rare that you see him act in any form of […]

Free Form Planet Earth, 2.0: Reboot in 3… 2…1…

Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria, Uganda. Hey, Dorothy, you’re not in the Kansas House of Reps anymore. Putin on the Ritz.  Michael Sam’s media blitz.  Yanukovych on the fritz.  Duke Energy, in the ditch. The world is on fire, folks.  Tongues o’ flame.  And as per usual, Pussy Riot gets the blame. Hate vs. Love. Heterogeneity vs. […]

No, Obama’s Remarks on Changes to NSA Surveillance Programs Don’t Vindicate Edward Snowden’s Actions

President Obama recently held a press conference where he announced several modest changes to how the NSA can collect data and how they handle their surveillance programs.  Changes that apparently neither NSA opponents nor NSA defenders are happy with. Well, the cheers of “Edward Snowden the patriot” have suddenly become louder as his defenders see […]

Yes, the Duck Dynasty/Phil Robertson and NSA Controversies Have Something in Common

I know many of you are thinking, “How in the world can these two stories have much in common?”  And for the most part you’d be right. The NSA spying “controversy” and Phil Robertson’s anti-gay comments “controversy” have very little in common as far as the stories go.  But what’s similar with both of these […]

Edward Snowden Considers Turning Himself In After Hearing that Sarah Palin Defended Him

It appears Sarah Palin can still make a difference after all. Sources claiming to have had minimal, erratic contact with Edward Snowden have said that he’s considering turning himself in after Sarah Palin came to his defense, taking his side on many of the same issues. They’re reporting that not only is he contemplating turning […]