Bobby Jindal Wants To Slash Funding For Education, Duck Dynasty Will Keep Tax Breaks

On an almost daily basis, I wonder why the hell I’m living in Louisiana. Scorching heat and humidity, roads that look like they’re from a third-world country, and a corrupt criminal justice system in which it’s often hard to tell the criminals from the police – that’s Louisiana. If you’ve ever tried to figure out […]

Senator David Vitter Claims A Petition Will Stop Ebola In Louisiana

It’s not a big secret how I – and many other Louisiana residents – feel about David Vitter, our junior two-term U.S. Senator. In fact, this scumbag who managed to survive a prostitution scandal that involved a dead madam and an alleged adult diaper fetish, has been referred to by The Daily Beast as “America’s […]

5 Congressional Races To Watch In The 2014 Mid-Term Elections

While most of the half-hearted attention being given to the 2014 mid-term elections is being given to the Senate, there are still some interesting races that are not getting the coverage that they should outside of state or local news. Since gaining back the House has been mostly written off as an exercise in futility this […]

Meet Lenar Whitney, Louisiana’s Sarah Palin

Climate change is real. It is something that is happening whether people want to acknowledge it or not. So why are conservative politicians, pundits and the people who listen to them insisting that it isn’t happening? It’s the simple fact that you have politicians and media companies who rely on funding from fossil fuel companies […]