There’s a Better Way: We Sing the Body Rainbow!

Remarks to the 27th Annual Famously Hot South Carolina Pride Our nation’s great poet once proclaimed: “I sing the body electric!” I am confident that my fellow-bearded Walt Whitman would join me today in exclaiming, “We sing the body rainbow!” The baton of hate and bigotry can easily be passed from one generation to the […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: The Via Dolorosa from Bacteria to Vestal Virgin to Ted Cruz

Pastor Pillow here! I’m back and abundantly pleased to place my hands squarely again on the sacred wood altar (with apologies to T.S. Eliot). Joyful though I am to rejoin my flock over a round of Sabbath morn mimosas at the local brunchery, I approach you humbly with a laden heart.  Hold me up in […]

Republicans Opposing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act Prove Their Blatant Ignorance and Bigotry

It goes without saying that I enjoy a good political debate.  I especially love discussing controversial topics with the opposition (in a respectful way, of course) because I believe too often that “political correctness” trumps real public debate on issues that need candor and honesty. However, there are certain topics for which there simply shouldn’t […]

Marco Rubio Thinks Employers Should Be Able to Fire Employees for Being Gay. Here’s Why…

When conservatives use the term “special protections” or “protected class,” they are referring to the idea that marginalized and oppressed people are getting special rights that the rest of us (read: white/hetero/cis/Christian/able-bodied/wealthy/male people or any combination of such privileges) aren’t privy to. That’s largely because they are either ignorant of or ignoring the vast array […]