Dear Republicans: Your Fake Outrage Over President Obama’s Action on Immigration is Pathetically Laughable

The Republican outrage following President Obama’s announcement on immigration has been hilarious. It’s been so over the top that they’re impossible to take seriously. Then again, when isn’t their fake outrage comically over the top whenever President Obama does, well, practically anything? Republicans let me warn you, whatever you all do, don’t you dare Google […]

John Boehner Sues Obama for Bypassing Congress – Then Urges Him to Bypass Congress

In something that seems straight from The Onion, several Republicans wrote a statement urging President Obama to take unilateral action on immigration – one day after House Republicans voted to sue the president… For bypassing Congress and acting unilaterally.   You really just can’t make this stuff up. In a statement posted on John Boehner’s website, Republicans […]