The One Fact About President Obama’s Use of Executive Orders that Debunks Nearly Every Republican Lie

Last January I wrote an article where I put together some stats about executive orders as it relates to President Obama and some of his most recent predecessors such as Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. In that article I pointed out (by using indisputable facts) that the right-wing nonsense about Obama’s “abuse […]

John Boehner Sues Obama for Bypassing Congress – Then Urges Him to Bypass Congress

In something that seems straight from The Onion, several Republicans wrote a statement urging President Obama to take unilateral action on immigration – one day after House Republicans voted to sue the president… For bypassing Congress and acting unilaterally.   You really just can’t make this stuff up. In a statement posted on John Boehner’s website, Republicans […]

6 Reasons Why President Obama Is NOT A Dictator

I’m sure you have been subjected to the countless idiotic memes and the rants which usually boil down into a stew of paranoia and regurgitated right-wing talking points about how Obama is a tyrant, a dictator, etc. Our friends over at Ethical Reporters Against Faux News made this really great meme which completely refutes the […]

Paul Ryan Ridiculously Claims President Obama is Becoming ‘Increasingly Lawless’

Don’t you just love when Republicans lose one argument due to those things called “facts,” they just shift it slightly so that they can continue to perpetuate the same argument? For years Republicans have implied that President Obama wants to become some kind of “king” or “dictator” by how often he uses his executive order powers. […]

Glenn Beck Says President Obama ‘Declared He Would Become America’s First Dictator’

Remember not too long ago when I warned people not to trust the new “moderate” Glenn Beck?  Well, it didn’t take long before he went right back to the same old crap he’s been spewing for years. This time he went off on a tangent about President Obama morphing into a dictator during his State […]