CNN Hilariously Fact Checks & Trolls Trump’s Tuesday Morning Attack on the Network

Donald Trump spending most of his morning watching cable news, then rage-tweeting about whatever upsets him is nothing new — but one of the networks he attacks turning the tables and fact checking his lies on Twitter is relatively rare. Well, that’s exactly what CNN did this morning when it responded to Trump’s continued false […]

After His Embarrassing Tweet on Sunday, It’s Clear Donald Trump Has No Idea What DACA Is

While it’s not exactly “breaking news” to find out that Donald Trump doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about, simply because this “president” is an incompetent moron, that doesn’t mean we should ignore or excuse his stupidity. Such as Easter Sunday when Trump decided to go on a multiple-tweet rant on immigration, only to […]

Ted Cruz Just Got Busted Telling One of the Most Outrageous Lies He’s Ever Told

Before Donald Trump stood tall as the most dishonest Republican in this country, there was Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Possibly the most loathed man in either major party — including Trump — Cruz’s lying was rather infamous. While it’s now dwarfed when compared to the fictional tales of delusion and conspiracies often pushed by Trump, […]

One of Trump’s Morning Tweets is a Perfect Example of How He Distorts the Truth Even When He’s Not Lying

At this point, if the day of the week ends in a “y,” there’s a good chance Donald Trump will be going on some sort of Twitter tirade around 7 am after watching Fox & Friends and getting riled up about whatever nonsense they’re covering. Such as this morning when, after sending out another garbage […]

Donald Trump’s Toothless Tuesday Twitter Tantrum was Completely Bonkers

While Donald Trump and his supporters seem to think his rants on Twitter are “an effective strategy to get the truth out,” the exact opposite is actually true. Sure, his supporters really like them, because the vast majority of them are brainwashed sheep who love anything he does, no matter how hypocritical it is. But […]

No, Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Not Plotting to Falsely Accuse Bernie Sanders of Sexual Assault

Let me start off by saying that what I just read is not journalism. It’s not blogging. It’s not even credible opinion. It’s nothing more than pure clickbait bullshit and a shining example of what’s wrong with so much of the “information” that’s being put out there on the Internet. As I was sitting in […]

Hannity’s Latest Attempt to Defend Roy Moore is One of His Most Pathetic Yet

On Monday, Fox News’ Sean Hannity took his desperate attempts to defend an accused child sexual predator to another pathetic level when, instead of actually trying to defend Moore, he did what he usually does — he attacked the “other side.” This time he tried to slander liberal website Media Matters. The headline on his […]

Facts About the ‘Diversity Lottery’ Trump, Republicans Don’t Want People to Know

I’ll be honest, before the recent terrorist attack in New York City, I didn’t know a great deal about the “diversity lottery” for immigration. Passed in 1990, it’s a measure aimed at trying to encourage immigration from countries whose citizens don’t normally immigrate to the United States. The individuals are then selected randomly and offered […]

Sean Hannity Embarrasses Himself in Latest Attempt to Defend Trump’s Insanity (Video)

Without a doubt, one of the biggest frauds in this country is Fox News’ Sean Hannity. A con man and a hypocrite, this is someone no rational person could ever take seriously. His pro-Trump pom-pom waving has been so ridiculous that not only did network executives call him out for lacking “editorial standards” after using […]

Debunking the Latest Conspiracy Trump and Republicans are Pushing About Clinton Emails

By now most people have probably heard about the latest conspiracy Donald Trump and Republicans are pushing about the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, concerning a draft of a statement which former FBI director James Comey began working on around six weeks before interviewing the former Secretary and several of her aides. For those […]