Republicans, Here’s the Difference Between Facts vs. Faith

Lately I’ve found myself in more and more of these debates where I’m dealing with people who seem to think “faith” is the same thing as “fact.” And recently during one of these debates with a more moderate individual who followed this flawed doctrine, I was told that we had to “agree to disagree because there’s […]

We Must Stop Allowing Far Right Conservative Christians to Dumb Down and Radicalize This Country

They believe that “God speaks to them,” that laws should be taken from religion, that homosexuality is a sin, that women shouldn’t have control over their own bodies and that all other religions besides theirs are wrong. Oh, I’m talking about Islamic radicals, not conservative Christians.  Though I could see how someone might confuse the […]

It’s Time to Say it: Creationists Aren’t Christians – They’re a Cult

I think by now most who follow my writing know that I am not a fan of creationists.  In fact, the more I speak with several of them, the more I think these people are suffering from severe mental illness.  They’ll literally say that all scientific data is “just a theory” and that none of […]

If Creationists Want Time on ‘Cosmos’ to Defend Their Nonsense, Then Let’s Bring Scientists into Churches

Since the relaunch of Cosmos hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, there’s been a nearly constant back and forth between people who believe in science and creationists who are bashing the show for not providing “their side of the scientific argument.”  A claim that’s ludicrous considering creationism is based on faith not science. But this back and forth has […]

My Story as a Liberal Christian Dealing With the Intolerance of Liberals Who Attack My Faith

Unfortunately, mostly due to the efforts by conservatives, religion and politics have been mixed in this country.  Though our Constitution, by way of our First Amendment, clearly prohibits that.  But what should be is often different than what is.  The reality is that there are those who often try to mix their personal religious views […]

Organized Religion: A Tool for Ignorance, Power and Control

I think anyone who follows me even somewhat regularly knows that I’m a Christian.  I know that’s not always a popular thing to be as a liberal, but it’s a fact nonetheless.  That being said, I detest organized religion. What “religion” is to me is a human-made concoction meant to promote the personal views of […]

Christian Insecurity is the Real Driving Force Behind Republican Attempts to Force their Religion on Others

I’m a Christian, but I’ve never understood this obsession with people trying to “convert” others to their faith.  Sure, if someone decides to ask me a few questions about my faith and what I believe, I’ll gladly tell them.  But I don’t pretend to stand on some pulpit of righteousness and talk at people about my […]

Texas Officials Renewing Their Push to Teach Creationism in Public Schools

In a true, “What in the hell is wrong with these people?” moment, I woke up today to read about Texas’ continued push to teach creationism alongside evolution in public school science classes. There are certain topics I have absolutely no patience for—and this is one of them. Now before I continue, let me begin […]