The Indictment Of The Indictment Of President Obama

Get comfy, this is going to be a long one. Herein you will find the “indictment” of the President Obama by the mental giants behind the Operation: American Spring debacle. I’ve left each section’s content/intent intact, and made rebuttal/commentary/mockery as appropriate afterward in italics. Drawn directly from their site , with some spelling corrections because […]

The Terrorist Right Gets It Wrong – Operation: American Spring

(I’m writing this on the eve of “Operation: American Spring”; let’s see how prophetic I am.) By default, anything organized by the loons on the far far right (and I’m talking here about people who make Boehner and Scalia look like chill dudes) is going to be a massive mess. The talk is big, I […]

Bundy Ranch’s Armed Lunatics Asking for Welfare So They Can Continue to Sit Around and Not Work

Welfare rancher Cliven Bundy and his band of armed supporters who don’t understand how our laws or Constitution work are the story that just keeps on giving. It’s been over a month since this story first broke, yet there are still reports of armed Bundy supporters roaming around the Nevada and Utah deserts “standing up […]