Petition Created To Revoke Fox News’ Broadcasting License

Last week we discussed a petition created at that requested the removal and prosecution of Speaker John Boehner for violation of the Logan Act. At the time I’m writing this, nearly 45,000 people who apparently don’t understand how government works have signed it. As I’ve stated over and over again, people need to get […]

Ted Cruz Embarrasses Himself By Proving He Doesn’t Understand Net Neutrality

Ted Cruz proved once again what an absolute fool he is when he released a statement concerning net neutrality and the FCC.  Net neutrality, of course, is what keeps the Internet 100% open.  It means that every website, regardless of size, is accessible at the exact same speed as every other site.  If you want […]

Net Neutrality is Dead, Major News Networks Conveniently Ignore Ruling – I WONDER WHY?

I think this is something most of us have feared for a long time.  A D.C. Court of Appeals ruled against the FCC’s requirement that providers offer equal access to online information, no matter the source. In other words, everything you decide to check out on the internet is provided to you at the same speed (depending […]