Puerto Rican Paper Towels to Buchenwald Bread Crumbs: #RESIST, While You Still Have Time

The world has now watched the Vulgarian Barbarian openly mock the physically disabled, brag about being a sexual assaulter, verbally humiliate the parents of fallen soldiers, attempt to ban major people groups from entering our nation, kick out other major people groups from our nation, pardon a racist criminal sheriff, work feverishly to strip healthcare […]

There’s a Better Way: Infrastructure Investment Paves the Way for Prosperity

This time last year, the rain fell.  And fell.  And fell. The floodgates burst, and South Carolina found itself facing an historic 1,000-Year Flood catastrophe—and the consequences of a decade-plus of Infrastructure neglect under Congressman Joe Wilson. The world watched, as many parts of South Carolina’s Second Congressional District became flood-ravaged lakes following breaches to […]

Fox News Moron Insists Walmart Will Spontaneously Save Us When Disaster Strikes (Video)

Obviously FEMA is a government agency, and we all know how conservatives feel about pretty much anything to do with the government. Funny thing, though; I always notice that when a massive disaster happens to strike one of these “strongly Republican” regions of our country, suddenly those impacted by the disaster become huge fans of FEMA and […]

“Operation: American Spring” is Crazier Than Anybody Could Have Possibly Thought

By now most of you have heard about the “historic, groundbreaking event” that’s being held in Washington D.C. by right-wing lunatics patriots demanding the removal from office of President Obama, Eric Holder, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Millions upon millions (30 million by most of their estimates – or 10% of the […]

Florida Governor Rick Scott is Trying to Destroy Hurricane Insurance to Benefit Big Insurance Companies

To this day, I have no idea how Floridians elected Rick Scott. I mean honestly, the man was CEO of a company that was found guilty of 14 felonies for defrauding hundreds of millions from Medicare. How you can be CEO of a company caught defrauding Medicare to the tune of hundreds of millions of […]

Oklahoma Tornadoes Once Again Show Why FEMA Matters

First I just want to say that there aren’t words to fully describe the sorrow I feel when I think about children being killed, and lives ruined, following the tornadoes on May 20th.  Tragic doesn’t even begin to describe the situation. In a bit of positive news, the death toll has been lowered to 24 […]

Pathetic Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn Says Cuts Must Be Made Before He’ll Support Tornado Relief

Before the final body count has even come in (which currently stands at 51, with officials telling the medical examiner’s office to expect at least 40 more) a pathetic excuse for a human being, GOP Senator Tom Coburn, will apparently require offsets to spending before he votes in favor of disaster relief for the areas […]