Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Banks on the $pirit

Hello, Deacon Duvet here! I’m filling in for Pastor Pillow, who’s on a mission trip in Haiti this week. He’s overseeing the airdrop of 50,000 Camouflage NIV Bibles upon Cité Soleil, one of the worst slums on Planet Earth. If only those pathetic Haitians had the faith of a Grey Poupon mustard jar—then they too […]

Elizabeth Warren Just Gave One of the Best Speeches That I’ve Ever Seen (Video)

If you have 9 minutes and 43 seconds to spare today, I’m going to highly suggest you take that time to watch Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s amazing speech she gave on the Senate floor Friday night. The more I hear Warren speak, the harder it is for me to not want her to run for president. […]