Debunking the Myth of the Fiscally Responsible Republican

There’s this common misnomer within the Republican party that seems to imply calling yourself “fiscally conservative” means you’re fiscally responsible. However, Republicans are neither fiscally conservative nor fiscally responsible. When I hear “fiscally conservative” I think of someone who tends to be very frugal, some might even call cheap.  I know a couple of these […]

Republicans, Please Tell Us Again How You’re The Fiscally Conservative Party…

This is not an article about the abortion debate per se. More specifically, it’s not an article about the merits or fallacies of the arguments of pro-life or pro-choice camps. It’s also not an article about whether Obamacare is good or bad policy, or even whether it is cost effective. If you are looking for […]

Show a Republican This to Expose Their Hypocrisy About Deficit Spending

There’s a lot of rhetoric that comes from conservatives when it comes to President Obama. I’ve never seen a man be accused of being so many different things, often accusations which completely contradict facts, logic and reality. One of the accusations I always find most amusing is this “disgust” conservatives have with the spending under […]