5 Stories I’m Absolutely Sick and Tired of Hearing About

I’m pretty sure this article will probably offend some people, but I’ve learned in this business that you can’t please everybody.  I just felt the need to vent a little bit about 5 stories that I’m absolutely sick and tired of hearing about. You know, let’s just get right to them.  There’s really no need […]

Stewart Hammers ‘Professor of Negro Studies’ Cliven Bundy and CNN’s Continued Obsession with Flight MH370

The moment Cliven Bundy’s racist tirade became the major story of the day, I had a good feeling Jon Stewart would have plenty to say on the matter. Well, it wasn’t exactly a lengthy response – but it was on point. He led into the segment by mocking the “surprising twist” of an anti-government conservative saying […]

Jon Stewart Absolutely Annihilates CNN, Fox News and MSNBC for Sensationalism

If there’s one thing we can rely on in the world of political news it’s Jon Stewart brutally mocking the frequent ridiculousness of the supposed “mainstream media.”  And let’s be honest, the last few years that really hasn’t been that hard to do – although Stewart does it with a flair of truth and comedy […]