Florida Man Sacrifices Goat, Drinks Blood, is Now Running for Marco Rubio’s Senate Seat

People can make fun of Texas all they want (and rightfully so most times), but for my money Florida is the state that takes the cake for the most “what the hell” stories I find. Not to say that other states don’t generate their own fair share of jaw-dropping headlines, but it seems like the […]

Florida Man Designs “Crusader” Assault Rifle That Will “Never Be Used By Muslim Terrorists”

When you hear about a really bizarre news story, it’s often out of a Southern state like Alabama, Louisiana or Texas – but nobody has the market cornered on crazy quite like Florida. Whether it’s George Zimmerman trying to pander to racists by selling Confederate flag prints or a man blinding a sheriff’s helicopter pilot with a laser hair […]

Inverness, FL Gun Shop Owner Says His Store Is A “Muslim-free Zone”

Inverness, Florida is a place most people probably haven’t heard of, including many folks who live in Florida itself. When you think of Florida, you usually think of Disney World, or the Miami beaches, or maybe the “Florida Man” stereotype. The “Florida Man” stereotype is based on whenever something bizarre happens – like a sea […]