Christian “Celebrity” Accuses Starbucks Of Waging A War On Christmas

Every single holiday season, we are subject to the same tired old stories about the “War on Christmas” from the conservative media and the religious right. If you were to believe the annual narrative, liberals and atheists are in a Grinch-like, devious plot to take Christ out of Christmas. This year is no different, and […]

Michael Savage Says Obama is Planning Anti-White Genocide, According to Mayan Prophecy

We’ve talked about Michael Savage before. You know, the guy who created Rockstar energy drinks with his son, Russell Weiner, and rails on about how Obama is going destroy America on his radio show? The same Michael Savage, originally named Dr. Michael Weiner, who was a homeopathy and herbal medicine book author in the 1980s […]

Using This One Simple Trick, Mike Huckabee Is Fleecing Millions Of Americans

Mike Huckabee’s chances of winning the Republican presidential nomination are slim to nope, but that hasn’t stopped the former governor of Arkansas and Fox News contributor from launching his second book promotion tour presidential bid. In an already crowded field filled with fellow hucksters candidates, Mike Huckabee will have to battle with a number of […]

6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Monsanto

Seed manufacturer Monsanto Company has been the target of a lot of criticism over the past few years, including a couple of articles that I wrote when I first started writing for Forward Progressives. In 2013, the first annual March Against Monsanto took place. It was supposedly in response to the failure of California Proposition […]

Glenn Beck Claims Measles Outbreak Is A Government Plot

The conspiracy market is a small, but profitable one. Whether it’s stories about the government spraying chemicals from jet aircraft to dumb down the population, Jews controlling everything or anything else that sounds like it came from Coast To Coast AM, you can bet people like Glenn Beck or Alex Jones will cover it. This […]

Rand Paul: Vaccines Are The First Step Toward Martial Law

Rand Paul makes sense on some issues. In fact, he makes so much sense on issues like drug legalization and civil liberties that a lot of people on the left (myself included) find themselves thinking, “Hey, this guy isn’t so bad!” and almost completely forget about the fact he’s a Republican – or that he […]

“Food Babe” Hammered by Actual Scientists for Blatantly Fear-Mongering and Misleading Public

I have to admit, I really don’t care much about the GMO vs. anti-GMO debate. The way I look it is both sides have valid points on some levels and both sides often ignore facts when it doesn’t suit their personal feelings on this issue. When it comes right down to it, I’ve known people […]

Dear Anti-GMO Activists, Keep Your Stupid Labels Off My Food (VIDEO)

I’ve often said that the opposition to genetically modified food ingredients is the left’s version of climate change denialism. This year both in Oregon and Hawaii (two pretty solidly liberal states) – as well as Colorado – there are measures on the ballot that fly in the face of science, and head straight on down […]

Why Are Liberals Denying Science When It Comes To GMOs?

One of the most infuriating things about dealing with some people on the left is their rejection or mistrust of science. Sure, we like to point and laugh when politicians like Bobby Jindal call the Obama administration “science deniers” – especially when Jindal has a degree in science and we know he’s just catering to […]

What Do “Food Babe” And Fox News Have In Common?

If you haven’t heard of her by now, there is this woman named Vani Hari who goes by the alias “Food Babe” who has become infamous for her attacks on a number of food companies, including Subway and, most recently, Starbucks. In this latest attack, she has sent thousands of her fans, known as the […]