A Harsh Reality Check: Our Structure of Government is Becoming a Big Problem in this Country

Despite the obvious flaws of our Founding Fathers, it’s almost undeniable that these men crafted one of the greatest living documents in human history when they wrote our Constitution. That being said, this was also a document that was completely flawed from the beginning. It’s also structured a government for a society that no longer […]

Dear Conservatives: If You Want to Live in a Theocracy, Get the Hell Out of the United States

The word “freedom” is something I don’t think most conservatives understand.  While it can be subjective at times (I wouldn’t recommend yelling “bomb” in an airport, for instance) it’s not really that difficult of a concept to grasp.  Especially when it comes to religion. See, in this country, religion is meant to be a private […]

In Honor of CPAC, Here’s Why Being a Conservative is so Terrible

I’ve never quite understood why anyone would brag about being a conservative.  To me, being a conservative means you’re afraid of change, you oppose that which is different and you resist progress.  These people tend to long for the “good ol’ days” and staunchly oppose almost anything different. This is how the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines […]

Christ and the Constitution: How Millions of Americans Get Both Completely Wrong

A liberal and a conservative can each read the Constitution, and even though both individuals read the exact same text, two very different interpretations are formed from what they read. I guess that’s what happens when millions of Americans in 2014 base their entire existence on something written in the late 1700’s. Don’t get me […]

A Reality Many Americans Don’t Want to Admit: Our Constitution is Outdated and Broken

First let me say, I believe our Constitution is one of the most remarkable documents ever written.  While flawed, it set the foundation to build a nation the likes of which the world had never before seen. Many of the men responsible for writing it were ideological geniuses. But the truth of the matter is […]

The Bible, Rated X: Mr. Jefferson, 666 and Biblical Bosoms

Article II in a Series About a Book so Important They Called it “The Book” Welcome back to The Bible: Rated X! This week we’re tackling the Founding Fathers, the Antichrist and Solomonic T&A. To pick up where we left off in Article I, the Bible is the most quoted yet least understood text in […]

Why The Founding Fathers Would Have Despised Today’s “Tea Party”

Every 4th of July, without fail, I’ll see a few nutjobs come out with their “America, love it or leave it” or “This is America, speak English” stickers and such. Despite the ridiculous irony that their stickers, t-shirts and flags are made in China or a Bangladeshi sweatshop, there’s something else they’re entirely unaware of. […]

The Greatest Failure Conservatives Make When it Comes to our Constitution

Perspective—it’s something I always encourage people to use.  Unfortunately many people are reluctant, or incapable, of doing so. This is especially true when it comes to our Constitution.  How dare anyone say an unkind word about the “infallible Constitution.” But let’s take a look at just a little bit of what the original interpretation of […]