Supreme Court Decision Shreds Fourth Amendment, Allows Police to Enter Homes Without Warrant

It’s rare that you’ll see me write something “alarming” about a Supreme Court ruling that has an impact on our Constitutional rights.  But when I read about their latest ruling which now gives police permission to enter a home without a search warrant, it did set off a few of my red flags. In a 6-3 […]

Sarah Palin Uses Edward Snowden to Degrade Muslims and Attack President Obama

I don’t believe there are many people who prove the line “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse” more accurately than Sarah Palin. Every speech or interview she gives is such a right-wing cliche’ it’s laughable.  No matter what the topic, President Obama will be wrong and the government will be bad.  Honestly, […]

Rand Paul’s Disgusting NSA “Lynching” Comment Once Again Proves His Ignorance

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not in any way a fan of Rand Paul.  I feel the guy is delusional, narrow minded and is just trying to ride his fathers coattails to a presidential run. Well, recently he compared the NSA’s use of surveillance, and how it skips “due process,” to the lynchings […]

An Open Letter to Edward Snowden: Letting the Kattenburg out of the [CENSORED] Bag

Dear Mr. Snowden: I know a little secret. Actually, I’ve been dying to tell someone since [CENSORED] when I discovered that [CENSORED]. For rather obvious reasons, I cannot think of anyone more likely to understand my situation than you. I’m hoping maybe you, me and a few others can start a Friday night gin rummy […]

It’s Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Not Innocent Until Proven Black.

Unconstitutional police stops based on a racial bias (especially when it comes to marijuana offenses) have become all too common in New York City. Over the past few months (and even before that), many issues involving the NYPD’s “Stop & Frisk” program have come to light during the Floyd v. City of NY trial. Specifically, […]

In a World of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, Suddenly Now We “Care” About Privacy?

As details have emerged about the story from The Guardian which “shocked” the world by revealing that the NSA had been collecting the phone records of millions of Americans and tracking their internet activity, something struck me—when did people suddenly start to care about their privacy? Now I know it makes for a great headline […]

Republicans Do Love a Constitution, Just Not Ours

I constantly hear Republicans harp on and on about how they’re the fighters for a “Constitutional United States.”  Whenever I hear this rhetoric I just have to laugh, because I’ve said for a while now that Republicans follow a version of our Constitution that doesn’t exist.  Sure they claim they love our Constitution, but reality […]