Fox & Friends’ Reaction to NYT Report is Completely Ridiculous (Video)

It’s no secret that Fox & Friends, as well as most of Fox News, has become nothing more than Donald Trump’s own version of state-run media. The morning show, in particular, is a main source for Trump’s almost daily Twitter meltdowns as he spends hours every day obsessing over what’s said about him on cable […]

Kellyanne Conway Melts Down After Fox & Friends Asks Her About Roy Moore (Video)

I could probably write a book based on nothing more than absurd comments Kellyanne Conway has made while giving interviews. A woman who repeatedly proves that she has no shame, there really doesn’t seem to be a level to which she will not stoop to defend the never-ending circus known as the Trump administration. Such […]

One Jaw-Dropping Fox & Friends Tweet Perfectly Sums Up What a Joke the Network Is

While individuals such as Shep Smith and Chris Wallace are usually fairly good at holding Republicans accountable or calling them out on some of their b.s., that can’t be said for the vast majority of the on-air talent at Fox News. Like many people, I don’t even consider it a “news” network. While Fox News […]

Marco Rubio Says That Like Donald Trump, President Obama Has ‘No Class’

Marco Rubio has been referred to by a number of conservative pundits as the young, fresh face the GOP so desperately needs. Not only is he young, he represents the swing state of Florida that Republicans desperately need in order to win back the White House. He’s also Hispanic, a demographic Republicans continue to struggle […]

Rep. Steve King Is Very Concerned About America Becoming Less White (Video)

It’s not a huge secret that Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) has a real problem with immigrants. Our archives here are full of stories of the prejudiced things he’s said and done concerning immigrants, particularly those coming from south of our border with Mexico. What you don’t hear from Steve King is any kind of rhetoric […]

Fox News Proves Once Again that No Matter What President Obama Does, They’re Going to Complain (Video)

As most people know, no matter what President Obama says or does conservatives are going to criticize it. I’ve joked many times that if he cured cancer tomorrow, the leading headline on Fox News would be President Obama Declares War on Oncologists. It’s utterly ridiculous how they literally can’t give him credit or praise for anything. Take […]

Fox & Friends Devolves into One of the Most Absurd Segments in the History of Cable “News”

I’ve watched my fair share of ridiculous segments on Fox News, but what I just watched easily ranks as one of the most absurd segments I’ve ever seen them produce. Thursday morning on Fox & Friends, John Stossel joined the usual cast of Steve Doocy, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Brian Kilmeade in what I would sum up best as […]

Fox News Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck Inserts Benghazi Into NFL Scandal, Because Of Course

Just as soon as we thought we were done with Benghazi, Fox News decides to pull it back out for the sake of ratings and the fall election. Yup, you heard that right, Benghazi is back and Fox is all over it once again. Nobody in the mainstream media has done more to parade the […]

Fox & Friends Hosts Reach New Lows Joking About Ray Rice’s Brutal Attack on Janay Palmer

I just watched one of the most flippant, inappropriate segments concerning domestic violence I think I’ve ever witnessed. So it doesn’t surprise me that this pathetic display comes from the “good folks” over at Fox News. By now I’m sure most everyone is well aware of the now former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s […]

Fox & Friends Hosts Outrageously Try to Use Bush’s Incompetence to Attack Obama on ISIS (Video)

Fox & Friends is easily one of the most ridiculous shows on Fox News. Though I go back and forth between Fox & Friends, The Five and Outnumbered as to which show I feel is the most absurd. So, when I saw that the hosts of Fox & Friends tried to evoke the incompetence of George W. Bush to attack President […]