Olbermann Brilliantly Uses Trump Supporter’s Words to Prove Massive Conservative Hypocrisy (Video)

If there’s one thing Donald Trump’s done since launching his campaign over two years ago (besides embarrassing the country on a daily basis), he’s proven, without a shadow of a doubt, that Republicans are nothing but a bunch of cult-like hypocrites fueled by propaganda and conspiracies. Many of the same people who tried to make […]

Jon Stewart Slams ‘Shockingly Terrible’ Hypocrites At Fox News For Not Giving A Damn About ‘Fair And Balanced’ Coverage (Video)

Jon Stewart verbally annihilated Fox News last night on The Daily Show, hammering the network for ignoring the full story on the Department of Justice’s reports about Ferguson. He also perfectly tied in their hypocrisy on Ferguson as it relates to their incessant coverage of Benghazi. Earlier this month, the DOJ released two reports related […]

The Blatant Hypocrisy Shown by Fox News and Conservatives Toward Ferguson

I’ve tried to avoid wading into the “racial waters” surrounding the continued chaos going on in Ferguson, Missouri.  I’ve personally maintained from the start that everyone needs to take a deep breath, step back a little, and see what results we get from the investigation. Though that’s not at all what’s been happening. But one […]