Sean Hannity Embarrasses Himself in Latest Attempt to Defend Trump’s Insanity (Video)

Without a doubt, one of the biggest frauds in this country is Fox News’ Sean Hannity. A con man and a hypocrite, this is someone no rational person could ever take seriously. His pro-Trump pom-pom waving has been so ridiculous that not only did network executives call him out for lacking “editorial standards” after using […]

Dear Trump Supporters: Fox News & the Conservative Media are Lying to You (Video)

It’s not a coincidence that political discourse in this country has rapidly deteriorated over the last 20 or so years, which is the same amount of time America’s most-watched conservative entertainment network, Fox News, has existed. The network that once used the slogan “Fair and Balanced” has been anything but, often serving as nothing more […]

Fox News Host Embarrassed After Lie About President Obama Gets Fact-Checked

No matter what day of the week it is, or what time of the day it might be, if you head on over to Fox News you’re going to get plenty of anti-President Obama propaganda. Since before he even moved into the White House, there’s been a coordinated effort by basically everyone on the right […]

Former Fox News Host Calls Network a ‘Cult,’ O’Reilly a Liar (Video)

While Fox News still comically refers to itself as “fair and balanced,” anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense knows the network is nothing more than a conservative entertainment channel masquerading as cable news. At this point, Fox News having the slogan “fair and balanced” is tantamount to what’s commonly referred to as “trolling.” […]

Bill Maher and Panel Shred Bill O’Reilly: ‘Not a Real Journalist’ (Video)

I’ll be honest, I really haven’t paid a great deal of attention to the entire controversy surrounding Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, because it’s really not much of a story. Is it really “shocking” to some that a Fox News personality would be caught lying about something? Isn’t that what they do? To expose someone on […]

Jon Stewart Destroys Fox News, Exposes 50 Of Their Lies In 6 Seconds (Video)

Unless you’re a conservative or someone who doesn’t follow news or politics at all, most people are well aware of the fact that Fox News is nothing more than right-wing propaganda. There’s a reason why our politics has become more partisan and divisive than ever starting around the late-90’s when the conservative entertainment network was […]

Jon Stewart Tackles Bill O’Reilly’s War Zone Lies, Tells Us Exactly What We’re Missing (Video)

The controversy surrounding Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly is actually a bit humorous to me. While I understand why some people care (Brian Williams just got suspended for lying in a similar way), to really act “outraged” because someone on Fox News might have been lying about something that happened 30 years ago isn’t exactly what […]

Bill O’Reilly Warns Viewers That The Media Lies, Doesn’t Mention He’s On The Least Truthful “News” Network (Video)

Words cannot express how sick and tired I am of hearing about the Brian Williams “controversy.” He lied about something that happened to him, which is pathetic and embarrassing, but ultimately it affects nothing but his credibility and pride. Granted, credibility is extremely important when you’re delivering the evening news to a national audience, which […]

Fox News Embarrassingly Uses Fake Story to Try to Attack President Obama

The disdain Fox News displays toward President Obama is something of which they’re very proud. They wear it on their sleeve almost like a badge of honor. I’ve never seen a news network show such disrespect and hatred toward a sitting U.S. president like Fox News has toward Obama. They would seemingly rather praise Russian President […]

Dem. Senator Blasts Republicans for Using Hearings to Benefit Fox News Propaganda (Video)

I used to look at Republicans as adults with whom I disagreed on many issues, but now they behave more like spoiled, petulant children. It just seems like everything nowadays with the GOP is centered around partisan politics. While Democrats and Republicans have never exactly gotten along, now it seems like Democrats are the party trying […]