Top Fox News Legal Analyst: Comey’s Memos Weren’t Classified but are Damning for Trump if True (Video)

Despite having a history of saying some rather absurd things, including apparently being the main “source” for Donald Trump’s accusations that Barack Obama had his building illegally wiretapped, Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano has been rather candid when discussing this “president” and the on-going investigation into his campaign and some of his associates. For instance, […]

A Person Has to be an Idiot or Completely Devoid of Reality to Think Sean Hannity’s Credible

Since Donald Trump’s rise to the top of the GOP, Fox News’ Sean Hannity has proven time and time again that there’s really no level to which he will not stoop to defend this “president.” While I’ve never held Hannity in any sort of high regards, I’ve still been rather surprised at just how much […]

Chuck Todd Left ‘Stunned’ by Fox News’ Response to Sean Hannity Scandal (Video)

I’ve never viewed Fox News as a credible source of information. While there are credible journalists such as Shep Smith and Chris Wallace who work for the network, the vast majority of the bile they air is nothing more than conservative fan fiction. Though it’s undeniable that Fox News has gotten much… much worse about this over […]

After Stunning Report that Trump’s Lawyer Represents Him, Fox News Must Fire Sean Hannity

On Monday it was revealed that the third client Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen was fighting to keep private is none other than Fox News’ Sean Hannity — one of this “president’s” biggest cheerleaders. Legally there was no requirement for either Cohen or Hannity to disclose this information prior to Monday’s revelation. If Hannity wants Cohen […]

Old Fox News Statement Against Trump Could Come Back to Haunt Him in Daniels Scandal

During her recent interview on 60 Minutes, Stormy Daniels, who’s claimed she had an affair with Donald Trump back in 2006, said that, at some point, a man made a threat against her and her daughter: A guy walked up on me and said to me, ‘Leave Trump alone. Forget the story.” And then he […]

Steve Mnuchin Embarrassed after Fox News’ Chris Wallace Has to Explain How Constitution Works (Video)

Without a doubt, we’re dealing with one of the most inept “presidential” administrations in our country’s history. That’s to be expected when the current “president” is the least qualified, and most incompetent, person to ever hold that office. With each new day, this “president” and the dumpster fire known as his administration humiliate this country […]

Trey Gowdy Rips Trump on Fox News: If You’re Innocent, Stop Acting Like You’re Guilty (Video)

For years Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was one of the main faces of the GOP-led investigations into the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack. So I don’t want to hear any Trump supporters whine when it comes to comments he made Sunday to Fox News’ Chris Wallace where he effectively said this “president,” despite his repeated claims […]

Fox News’ The Five Advocates Committing War Crimes, Denies Waterboarding is Torture (Video)

If you watch a lot of Fox News programming, you’ll quickly realize that the network often panders to the lowest common denominator of Americans. Many of the network’s shows are nothing more than reality TV-style conservative fan fiction. Since the 2016 election when Donald Trump became “president,” Fox News has basically become nothing more than […]

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Brilliantly Mocks Donald Trump’s Very Bad Week (Video)

While it’s true that the vast majority of what Fox News airs is essentially nothing more than pro-Trump propaganda, there are still those rare few voices on the network who’ve done what so many others have refused to do — tell the truth about this “president.” Chris Wallace is one of those voices. The Fox […]

In Rare Moment of Truth, Tucker Carlson Exposes Huge Republican Hypocrisy on Trump (Video)

It’s not very often I actually agree with something Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said, but I’m not going to claim he’s incapable of making a valid point once in a great while. Such as Thursday night when he rightfully called out the Republican hypocrisy on Donald Trump following remarks he made where he endorsed the […]