ISIS and the “End of the World”: How Apocalyptic Beliefs Influence Their Terror

The attack by ISIS in Paris which killed 129 people on Friday came the same day as the United States announced they had probably killed ISIS “celebrity” executioner Jihadi John. Thursday, a suicide bombing in Lebanon killed at least 43 people, an attack ISIS also took responsibility for. A couple of weeks ago, ISIS claimed […]

Fox News Forced to Hang Head in Shame and Apologize After Airing Several False Reports About European Muslims (Video)

I’ll be honest, I really didn’t think Fox News would actually publicly apologize for several erroneous reports concerning European Muslims the network aired following the terrorist attack in France. Probably the most infamous lie the network helped perpetuate came when they let a supposed “expert” claim that in Britain there are “no-go” zones where Muslims […]

The “Outrage” Over President Obama Not Going to France is Absurd

While I work in the media, I really don’t like the direction in which it’s going. Quality writing and journalism is being replaced with whatever will drive the most ratings or website views. I certainly understand that it’s important to lure viewers or readers to your content, but that content is still supposed to be credible […]