Glenn Beck To Face Defamation Lawsuit Involving Boston Marathon Bombing

Far too often, people get confused when citing the 1st Amendment and believe that like their understanding of the 2nd Amendment, their rights are unlimited. Take for example the folks behind Open Carry Texas and other organizations who initially were carrying weapons into places like Starbucks that were not accepting of guns inside of their […]

The Truth About Americans and Our Love/Hate Relationship with the Freedom of Speech

In this country, a common narrative on which we claim to pride ourselves is found within our First Amendment and our “freedom of speech.” It’s one of the few things you’ll see both liberals and conservatives claim to value and support. Both sides will tell you that our freedom of speech is one of the […]

Did the Supreme Court Accidentally End Up Legalizing Prostitution? (Video)

I bet those 5 conservative justices on the Supreme Court who continue to sell out our election process to big corporations and the richest among us didn’t see this coming.  Then again, when they ruled that money equaled speech they really should have known that this might open up a can of worms. Take for […]

This Is Ridiculous: Freedom Of Speech Has Nothing To Do With Money

Since the most recent Supreme Court ruling that further opens the floodgates to more corrupt money finding its way into our political process, the debate over this issue has been on the forefront of many politics related debates. Apparently the five conservative Supreme Court justices saw this as a “freedom of speech” issue, which was […]

Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty and Why His Suspension Isn’t an Attack on Free Speech

Oh man, the moment I saw this story I just knew people were going to flip out.  The extremely popular show Duck Dynasty had one of its popular cast members suspended for remarks he made during an interview with GQ magazine.  Many are calling Phil Robertson’s comments “homophobic,” but at the very least they were […]