The Truth About Americans and Our Love/Hate Relationship with the Freedom of Speech

In this country, a common narrative on which we claim to pride ourselves is found within our First Amendment and our “freedom of speech.” It’s one of the few things you’ll see both liberals and conservatives claim to value and support. Both sides will tell you that our freedom of speech is one of the […]

Democrats Set to Propose Constitutional Amendment Aimed at Stopping Koch Brothers From Buying Elections

For a long time I thought it was universal from both sides of the political debate that money in politics is a huge problem.  To me, it doesn’t seem like a partisan issue to believe that people pumping millions into political campaigns were obviously trying to buy our government. Or do people really believe that billionaires […]

This Is Ridiculous: Freedom Of Speech Has Nothing To Do With Money

Since the most recent Supreme Court ruling that further opens the floodgates to more corrupt money finding its way into our political process, the debate over this issue has been on the forefront of many politics related debates. Apparently the five conservative Supreme Court justices saw this as a “freedom of speech” issue, which was […]

The Power of Ignorance: Duck Dynasty Ratings Plummet After Phil Robertson Comments

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure most of you heard about the “scandal” last month involving Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and his controversial comments about African-Americans and homosexuals. And as many of you already know, A&E promptly “suspended” Phil Robertson (I think it lasted about a week) for his comments. This, of […]

Dear Phil Robertson Supporters: I’ve Got a Few Words for Your “Christian Values”

Dear Phil Robertson Supporters: I’ve hit my patience limit with you people.  Most of you are completely unhinged. First, let me point out a fun fact — Duck Dynasty is a pointless show.  It’s about absolutely nothing.  Yes, it can be funny at times, but the show has absolutely no real purpose aside from mindless […]

Bill O’Reilly Claims Phil Robertson Was Suspended to “Marginalize a Christian Who Has a Big Platform”

Who would have ever thought that one individual facing repercussions for ridiculous comments would cause such a ruckus?  But the suspension of Phil Robertson has left the news world with no shortage of opinions or asinine comments to cover, considering how just about everyone has voiced an opinion about the situation. I still just can’t […]

Let Me Explain Freedom of Speech to all the Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty Supporters

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about Phil Robertson’s anti-gay rant he went off on during an interview with GQ magazine, and the indefinite suspension by A&E that soon followed. And wow, this situation has sure showcased how many people just don’t understand what “freedom of speech” means.  So I thought I’d […]

Sarah Palin Defines Hypocrisy, Claims Duck Dynasty Suspension is an Attack on Free Speech

You just had to know the Queen of Hypocrisy was going to chime in on the suspension of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson.  Not because she’s an idiot who constantly proves she doesn’t understand much of anything (she is), but because she’s an absolute hypocrite. Sarah Palin posted on her Facebook page: “Free speech is an […]

Louisiana Governor Jindal Weighs In on Duck Dynasty Suspension, Shows Off His Ignorance

If there’s one thing this Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty situation has shown me, it’s that people really just don’t understand the concept of “freedom of speech.” Our Constitutionally-protected freedom of speech means that as private citizens, we’re free to express our opinions on almost anything we want without fear of legal persecution. That being […]