The Republican Ten Commandments

I hold a firm belief that religion and politics should never be mixed.  These are two subjects that by themselves are controversial enough, let alone mixing them together.  Our Founding Fathers knew this, which is probably why they didn’t use the word “Christianity” even once in our Constitution.  Our First Amendment clearly states that, “Congress […]

After All These Years, Are Republicans Finally Realizing Liberals Aren’t the Enemy?

Okay, hear me out.  I’m sure the majority of people who read the headline either jumped to a conclusion or simply dismissed it entirely, but it’s a question that deserves to be explored. Following Speaker of the House John Boehner’s decision to push back against the ultra right-wing groups that have been the primary forces […]

Far-Right Conservatives Whining in DC: “The Conservative Movement has Come Under Attack”

This is just hilarious.  Following the announcement of the Murray-Ryan budget deal (a deal that neither side is particularly fond of but most agree that it’s a step in the right direction toward bipartisanship), far right-wing conservatives in Congress have been quite angry.   After all, how dare Congress do something without their minority opinion, right? […]

John Boehner Blasts Right-Wing Groups for Opposing Budget Deal that They’ve Never Read

Things are getting really interesting within the Republican party.  Upon the announcement of the Murray-Ryan bipartisan budget agreement, far-right conservatives have been less than happy.  Leading the charge has been well-known conservative groups like Heritage Action and Freedomworks that almost instantly voiced opposition, which apparently got under the skin of House Speaker John Boehner. When […]