Charles Koch Compares His Political Mission To Martin Luther King Jr.

David and Charles Koch are going to spend a lot of money in the 2016 elections. $889 million is what they’ve pledged to back candidates who will further their agenda in the United States government, and almost all of the GOP candidates have made it a point to lick their boots in hopes of getting […]

Louisiana Senate Committee Votes To Eliminate Sales Tax Holidays, Except For Guns

Like a number of other states, Louisiana has what are known as “tax holidays” when certain items are not charged a sales tax in order to make them a little more affordable. With sales taxes that can reach up to 9% in some areas of the state when you combine state and local rates, people […]

The Indiana Memories Pizza Fundraiser Is A Conservative Media Scam

By now, most of you have heard about the Indiana pizza shop that announced it would refuse to cater same-sex wedding ceremonies. I’m pretty sure most self-respecting gay couples wouldn’t serve pizza at their wedding receptions or rehearsals, but Memories Pizza went ahead and put their bigotry out there for everyone to know about it […]

Tea Party Group Releases Ad So Ridiculous You’d Think It Was Rejected from ‘The Onion’ (Video)

I just watched an 86 second video that left me speechless. I’ve seen a lot of propaganda before, so it shouldn’t come as much of a shock to me. But the ad I just watched put out by tea party group FreedomWorks against net neutrality might be the biggest pile of crap propaganda ad that […]

ALEC, The Tea Party, And Their Dangerous Plan To Privatize Our Government

What I am going to say will probably come as little surprise to many of you, but it’s a concept still lost on many folks. As you know, one of the biggest talking points from the Republican Party and many libertarian groups is that many functions of government would be better handled by the private […]

The Awkward Moment When the Tea Party Realizes They’ve Been Pawns

Remember when the Tea Party first came out? Remember the signs? Remember how easy it was to accuse them of reactionary racism? And remember what Tea Party folks were saying in their defense? I’m sure many of them were genuine, and may not have wanted to associate with some of their own racist founders (like […]

Far-Right Conservative Groups Now Admitting That They Want to Hijack GOP for Radical Agenda

For a while now most liberals have been well aware of the fact that the tea party is nothing more than a tool used by far-right conservative groups to manipulate the Republican party, and by result, our government. ¬†Though at first the tea party tried to masquerade as some “grassroots” movement of ordinary Americans sick […]

The Lost Shoes of Gettysburg and the Lost Cause of the GOP Shutdown

When an anonymous Republican Congressman sat down with the Washington Enquirer to explain how the GOP got taken over by the fringe Tea Party faction leading to the government shutdown, he drew a parallel to an oft-repeated origin story about the Battle of Gettysburg. In doing so, he unintentionally revealed some fascinating parallels between the […]