A New Poll Shows Record Low GOP Support For The Tea Party

Way back in the beginning, the Tea Party caught my interest. Initially calling themselves supporters of smaller government and lower taxes, it seemed like they were a political group that might represent a change from the conservative politics that brought us the likes of George W. Bush. It quickly became obvious that the Tea Party […]

Gallup Poll Finds New, Not-So-Shockingly Low Opinion Of Congress

Last year, I wrote an article about Congress and their abysmal approval rating of 10% at the time. I even thought that perhaps, maybe just maybe, they’d get the message and start trying to boost their numbers ahead of 2014 since it was an election year. The shocking defeat of Eric Cantor in Virginia’s 7th […]

Republicans Reach Pathetic Record Lows in Gallup Polling

While on the surface most Republicans you hear from concerning the government shutdown will try to tell you that this is the fault of President Obama and Democrats—the American people aren’t buying it. In what might be the best example of just how far down the GOP has fallen, Gallup recently released a poll showing […]