Today’s Republican Party Should Learn From George W. Bush On Islam

Back when he was president, I was not a fan of George W. Bush. While I supported the war in Afghanistan and the response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the disastrous war in Iraq and the resulting fallout forever bittered me against him. I watched a number of my military friends go off to war […]

Ben Carson Apparently Doesn’t Think Shooting Down a Russian Plane is a Big Deal (Audio)

Dr. Ben Carson has repeatedly demonstrated recently during his book promotion tour presidential campaign that he not only has a fuzzy grasp on the facts of his own life, but that he also knows very little about foreign policy. He’s also claimed that free college would destroy our country, and that evolution was a lie […]

Jeb Bush Points Out How Badly Our Economy Faltered During His Father And Brother’s Presidencies

Jeb Bush accidentally bashed his father and brother’s presidential legacies yesterday – and basically said President Obama’s administration was doing a better job on the economy at the same time. Recently, Republicans have started up their usual refrain of complaining about government regulations and it’s been unintentionally backfiring on them – as we saw with […]

Anti-Obama Millionaire CEO David Siegel Raises Minimum Wage For His Employees

I am a firm believer in giving credit when credit is due, regardless of political affiliation. If you’ve read this website for any period of time, you’re sure to note that we certainly don’t pull any punches in criticizing conservatives when they do stupid or hateful things – and we also don’t have any problem […]

Dick Cheney And Other Bush Administration Officials May Finally Go To Trial

Did you know six members of the Bush Administration may finally end up in court? While I’d really rather see Bush painting his self portraits in solitary confinement or Rumsfeld riding the bulls at Angola, that’s not going to happen. Our friends over at Quiet Mike have been following this story for a while and […]

Fighting WMDs the Obama Way, And Why The GOP Hates It

I was recently reading an article by Daniel Serwer, talking about the Foundation for Defense of Democracies annual meeting on the Middle East. A panel of supporters of the Iraq War tried to drag Obama over the coals for being shy with American military power. It very effectively underlined for me what conservatives, and especially […]

The Truth About Executive Orders Republicans Won’t Like Seeing

I’ve hit my limit with Republicans and their pathetic freak out over President Obama saying publicly that he’s going to issue a few executive orders to implement small changes. The moment I heard him say that, I knew conservatives were going to lose their minds. ¬†After all, they’ve claimed for years that he wishes to […]

Talk About Scandal—Remember When Conservative Hero Ronald Reagan Sold Illegal Arms To Iran?

You know, I’ll be the first to admit Democrats have flaws, huge flaws in some instances.¬† If you follow my writing at all, or my page Right Off A Cliff, you know I often call out liberals when I think they’re acting ridiculous. But in my back and forth with conservatives, the one trait I […]