An Open Letter to Bill Clinton, from a Former Neighbor and Bernie Sanders Supporter

Dear President Clinton: We used to be neighbors, though I doubt you would remember me.  I used to live just down the street from you on F & 19th.  I often took evening strolls by your government housing quarters on Pennsylvania Avenue, and waved.  Every once in a while, a sniper atop the White House […]

Why Bernie Sanders Can Be Trusted Against Terror: He Understands Learning From Our Past Mistakes

Senator Bernie Sanders gave a speech last week at Georgetown University which explained what his campaign is all about, along with what he believes Democratic Socialism is. In his speech, he gave possibly the best response to how we should address the problem of ISIS/Daesh, which much of the media overlooked. My friend Sean Illing […]

Former Reagan, Bush Adviser: Fox News is ‘Brainwashing’ Conservatives (Video)

I’ve made my feelings clear on what I think about Fox News. It was actually just a few days ago that I was talking with a friend of mine about how much better off this nation would be right now if the network didn’t exist. It’s not a coincidence that we’ve become more and more […]

Rachel Maddow Slams Republican Hypocrisy on “Outrage” Over Immigration

Ever since President Obama announced his intentions of using executive actions to get something done on immigration (since Speaker of the House John Boehner refused to let the House vote on the Senate’s bipartisan immigration reform bill last year) Republicans have been essentially throwing a hissy fit. I’ve heard some talk of impeachment and others saying […]

Bill Clinton Comes to Obama’s Defense, Hammers Republican Propaganda on Immigration

As the battle over immigration will undoubtedly rage on for months following President Obama’s decision to do what he can to address an issue Republicans seem disinterested in fixing, a major Democratic ally has emerged and come out in support of the president – Bill Clinton. Not only has the former president come out in […]

Americans Should be Terrified of the Bush Family Dynasty’s Future Aspirations

We’ve already had 12 years of a Bush in the White House. The first was George H.W. Bush, who served one term as president (and tried but failed to win a second term). Then, of course, we had George W. Bush who served from 2001-2009. And I think all of us with any kind of decent […]

You’ll Never Believe Who Republicans Are Now Blaming for the Navy Yard Shooting

It goes without saying that Republicans would probably find some way to blame President Obama for the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, and I’m sure many do.  What I didn’t expect was for many of them to skip back thirteen years to try to blame former President Bill Clinton. But that’s exactly what many of them […]