Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow’s Vacation Bible School Concentration Camp Wonderland

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! Yes, that’s me! The one and only famed Chief Pastoral Officer of the multi-billion-dollar global faith enterprise we like to call Cubic Zirconium Cathedral Ministries. Why, if there’s a fleck of heavenly emerald or sardonyx out there waiting to be hoarded, we just focus our little mustard seeds of faith and […]

Pat Robertson Makes One of the Most Ridiculous Claims Against Climate Change Yet

I’ve made it pretty clear to anyone who knows me that I don’t deal with climate change deniers.  I view these people in the same way I view “birthers” and people who believe that the moon landing was a hoax.  When you’re dealing with that level of incompetence and ignorance, why even bother? These are […]

Rush Limbaugh’s Polar Vortex “Hoax” Conspiracy Shredded by Senior Meteorologist at AccuWeather

I’ll be honest, I never really thought I’d live in a day and age where science (overwhelmingly supported science at that) would suddenly become some partisan issue.  I mean, it’s science — not politics — right? Well, I guess I really should have seen it coming.  When you threaten the profits of millionaires and billionaires by exposing […]

Jon Stewart Hammers Ridiculous Fox News Claims on Climate Change During Cold Spell

As a political commentator, I’m usually open to discussing almost anything political.  It’s my job, why wouldn’t I?  But not only that, I’ve always been interested in how other people think and behave.  The inner workings of the mind and how we process information is really a fascinating process. That being said, there are some […]

Conservative Ignorance about Climate Change Exposes the Problem with their Entire Ideology

I’m sure most of those reading this know someone who doesn’t believe in climate change, global warming — whatever you want to call it.  I prefer calling it “climate change” because I feel it’s a more accurate depiction of what’s happening with our planet rather than just saying it’s “warming,” though that’s accurate as well. And […]

Climate Change Deniers Never Fail to Amuse Me

It’s almost a given that any time there are  flukes in the normal weather pattern such as what we’ve been experiencing lately, everyone on Fox News who doesn’t have a degree in meteorology becomes an expert on climate change. If you go down to the local feed store, you’ll inevitably hear the farmers complain about […]