Fight Trump and Joe “You Lie!” Wilson While You Still Can

When South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jaime Harrison spoke at this year’s historic 140th Galivants Ferry Stump—the oldest and most famous Democratic Party stump event in the United States—he went to the political woodshed for a quote that could not be a clearer sign of the times to all Democrats from sea to shining sea. […]

Inspired by Bernie: Let Those Who Can, Run in November ’16

November 2012. There before me, an empty space on the election ballot. Not one progressive had dared oppose the incumbent.  His tenure in office was marred by admitted “inappropriate and regrettable” behavior, yet he ran unchallenged. The blinking cursor thumbed its nose at me, keenly aware that whatever name I wrote in—be it “Johnny Appleseed” […]

Sensing Opportunity, Donald Trump’s Opponents Start Ramping Up Attacks

In spite of Donald Trump’s increasingly rabid campaign rallies and claims that have been debunked by fact checkers across the country, there is no sign of his popularity declining any time soon. Whether you’re on the left or an establishment Republican, Trump’s campaign for the GOP presidential nomination should be concerning. He has managed to […]

No, The Left Really Doesn’t Hate Ben Carson

Dennis Prager recently wrote an article for National Review claiming that liberals really hate Ben Carson. He also defends the bizarre comments that Ben Carson made regarding the Holocaust when he claimed that Hitler might not have been as successful in his goals had people been armed. First, let me address the claims regarding the Holocaust, […]

Conservative Website Insinuates That Jewish Bernie Sanders Is A Nazi

One of the main criticisms of Bernie Sanders from both Republicans and more conservative Democrats is that he’s a self-described “socialist.” Over the past few decades, conservatives loyal to big money interests have done everything they can to make the word socialist a slur, all while conveniently ignoring the fact that socialism is alive and […]

Gun Fanatic Larry Pratt: Obama Is Like Hitler And Wants Take Away Our Guns

Whenever I post something on my page concerning guns, two things inevitably happen. First, if I mention that I am a gun owner, some liberals get upset that someone on the left would have the nerve to own guns. Second, I get swarmed by people who make remarks about how President Obama is going to […]

Ben Carson Ludicrously Defends Comparing U.S. To Nazi Germany

It’s obvious that Dr. Ben Carson has no problem with Reductio ad Hitlerum, or “playing the Nazi card.” It’s sadly a tried and true method of political debate these days, both with liberals and conservatives, in which Godwin’s Law comes into play very quickly. Yes, liberals far too often make the comparison between their political […]

The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week

This is the thirteenth installment in our weekly fact-check series “The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week.” For last week’s installment, see here. For those of you who are seeing this for the first time, the idea behind the countdown is to spotlight the dumbest, most absurd, or downright horrible conservative memes that are […]

4 Gun Nut Talking Points Debunked By A Gun Owner

Yes, that is a picture of me. Yes, that is a gun in my hand. In case you’re wondering, that is a Savage 110E chambered in .243 with a 6x18x50 Bushnell scope on it which can hit a target 600 yards or further out in the right hands. Before we go any further, I am […]