How to Be a More Active Presidential Primary Progressive in Six Easy Steps

This list is not intended to be didactic.  Revise it.  Expand it.  Print it and use it as cat litter box liner.  Feel free to do with it as you please.  But I have a feeling it will be helpful to more than a few folks out there who want to make a difference but […]

Why I Am Voting for Bernie Sanders, by Way of Cornel West: Be a Hope

Mom fell into the donut hole months ago, but she never told me.  Then she fell even harder—and the call came that she was headed to the hospital by ambulance. In the emergency room, the doctor asked my mom why she hadn’t been taking her medicine.  A screwy look appeared on her face—the question prompted […]

Bernie Sanders Wants Wall Street To Pay For Higher Education

Senator Bernie Sanders wants Wall Street to help fund higher education, and he will be introducing a bill to make that happen. While the bill most certainly won’t get very far in Congress, it’s an idea that the United States should seriously consider implementing if we could get around to electing enough lawmakers who would […]

Amazing Hypocrisy: Ted Cruz Is Enrolling In Obamacare

One day into his 2016 presidential campaign and Ted Cruz has already shot himself in the foot and demonstrated his own hypocrisy on an issue he is making a central part of his platform. After railing against the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) and promising to repeal and replace every bit of it, […]