As Trump Makes Us Question Our Faith in Humanity, Here’s an Amazing Story to Help Restore It

One of the biggest downsides to my “professional world” (writing and analyzing politics) is that most of what I deal with is negative information, comments and messages. Doing what I do, it’s very easy to get jaded, cynical and often doubt your faith in humanity. When people who are interested in doing something similar to […]

Amazing News: Texas City Announces It’s Ended Veteran Homelessness

If there’s one “bipartisan” issue in this country both sides can agree on, it’s that our military and our veterans deserve universal and unconditional praise for their service to our country. Well, unless you’re GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who publicly stated nearly a year ago that he doesn’t consider members of our military who were POWs […]

Thanks to Samantha Bee, Georgia Passes Important Law to Help Protect Rape Victims (Video)

If you follow my writing at all, you’re probably aware that I’ve become a huge fan of Samantha Bee’s new show on TBS, Full Frontal. I’ve called it a mix between Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight – but with Bee’s own hilarious style and flair. Well, a few weeks ago she absolutely tore into Georgia […]

Pizza Shop Owner 2 Years After Raising Employee Wages: We’re ‘Light Years Ahead of Most Restaurants’

No matter how many times I encounter people who oppose raising the minimum wage (or even having a minimum wage), I never hear any rational or logical explanation as to why they feel how they do. I think my favorite piece of rhetoric these people use is: The minimum wage is a job killer!  When someone […]

Country Collectively Gasps In Shock As Congress Passes Actual Bipartisan Common Sense Bill

How ineffective has our Congress become? So ineffective that when both sides actually manage to work together to pass a common sense piece of legislation, it’s become “newsworthy.” Not that passing any sort of major bill isn’t worthy of making news, but the “story” coming from the recent passage of an overhaul to Medicare isn’t […]

Afghanistan War Veteran Suffering from Seizure Saved by Dog That Dialed 9-1-1 (Video)

I say it pretty often that in a business such as mine where it seems that everything is negativity, cynicism or some kind of battle, it’s nice to write a story that diverges somewhat from “the norm.”  Though I’m sure there will be plenty of people who have something to say about why this soldier […]

South Carolina Police Officer Encounters Teen in Need, Does Something Completely Unexpected (Video)

Nowadays it seems like a day doesn’t go by where there’s not some horrific story making the news concerning unethical and immoral behavior by police officers somewhere in this country. But not in this situation. This is a story of a police officer in Sumter, South Carolina who went above and beyond to help a […]

The Amazing Story of a 7-Year-Old Boy Who’s Raised More than $750K to Help Friend Fight Disease

With so much bad going on in the world, it’s good to write a story about something truly remarkable.  And that’s exactly what this story is.  While many 7 and 8 year olds are worried about finishing homework so they can play video games, one young hero is trying to make a difference in the […]

Meet the Hero Who Drove Two Thousand Miles to Save Dogs from Being Slaughtered

Doing what I do for a living, there’s absolutely no shortage of “bad news” that comes across my television or computer screen every day.  The world can be a really ugly place.  That being said, when I have time, I like to try to highlight good news stories when they cross my path. Though even […]

Texas Police Officer Targets Minority Boy Playing Alone in Apartment Parking Lot, Events Caught on Dashcam

Headlines similar to this one have become far too common in today’s world.  Police abuse, police brutality – sometimes it seems like we can’t turn on the news anymore without hearing about some form of awful police misconduct going on somewhere across the country. Thankfully this story is about nothing of the sort.  In fact, […]