Today’s Republican Party Should Learn From George W. Bush On Islam

Back when he was president, I was not a fan of George W. Bush. While I supported the war in Afghanistan and the response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the disastrous war in Iraq and the resulting fallout forever bittered me against him. I watched a number of my military friends go off to war […]

Alabama Republican’s Christmas Message Probably Won’t Leave You Feeling Warm And Fuzzy Inside

Alan Harper represents the 61st District in Alabama’s State House. Like many other Republicans across the country, Harper decided to voice his ignorance and fearmonger against┬áMuslims, issuing a hateful statement on his Facebook page about convenience store owners. Alan Harper isn’t just some racist with a blog, he’s an elected official and he’s using his […]

This Study Shows How Hard It Will Be For A Republican To Win The White House

Whether or not Donald Trump’s candidacy is real, a conspiracy with the Clintons to sabotage Republican chances, or just an elaborate piece of political performance art – the GOP is in serious trouble with Latino voters. Granted, they’ve managed to make themselves unpalatable to nearly everyone except white conservative voters, but the anti-immigration rhetoric coming […]

GOP State Senator Fran Millar Doesn’t Want Blacks To Vote, Prefers ‘Educated Voters’

Georgia state senator Fran Millar stated in a post on his Facebook profile that he didn’t want black residents in Dekalb County, Georgia to vote, and insisted he “would prefer more educated voters” in response to a decision to have early voting on Sundays at a mall which was near some black mega-churches. No, this […]

Conservative Dennis Prager Asks ‘Who’s Racist?’ and Fails

Conservative pundit Dennis Prager is probably the whitest person I’ve ever seen. That doesn’t make him a racist, but it certainly doesn’t give him authority to take over a conversation defining racism. And given his arguments about voting restrictions and Herman Cain (among others), it’s safe to say that Prager trying to pin racism on […]

Grand Wizard David Duke and Today’s GOP — The Similarities are Startling

From the 1970’s to the 1990’s, David Duke, a prominent member of the Ku Klux Klan and barely unsuccessful Southern politician who ran for governor, US senator, and president in the early 90s, made many attempts to demystify and destigmatize uber-racism. He changed the name of the Grand Wizard position he held to “National Director,” […]

The GOP Continues to Perpetuate Racism by Supporting Absurd Black Candidates

It always baffles me how Republicans can act so clueless as to why they can’t appeal to black voters. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the reasoning. Ever since Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” Republicans have purposefully tried to secure the white vote by using manipulative tactics to perpetuate stereotypes against minorities. They’ve mastered […]