House Republicans Introduce Resolution Against The “War On Christmas”

Remember how before the media’s sole focus was on terrorism and the latest thing Donald Trump said, there were a few days where everyone was talking about Starbucks and how they had joined the “War On Christmas” by not having holiday graphics on their plain red paper coffee cups? That was a little over a […]

Idaho GOP State Rep. Vito Barbieri Doesn’t Understand Basic Anatomy

There’s been a lot of asinine legislation proposed recently in red states, and it almost seems as if Republican legislatures are in a competition to see which one can outdo all the others in the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot category for laws. On an almost daily basis, you’ll hear about the next ridiculous, over the top […]

Sponsor of Texas Anti-Abortion Bill opposes rape exemption because “Rape Kits” take care of it

Imagine your daughter going casually through her life.  Studying for school, top of her class, just a mere 24 months from graduating with a promising future in a leading medical school to fulfill her life-long dream of being a doctor.  Nearly every moment in her life has been spent geared toward achieving this goal. Then […]

Dear Republicans: I’ve Had it With Your Ignorance

At some point with many things that drive you crazy you hit a breaking point, and I might have just reached mine. Now this isn’t aimed at sensible Republicans, I know there are a few out there.  The problem is the key part in that that sentence “a few”— very few, and seemingly getting smaller […]

“Stupid Party,” Table for Many

Back in January, Louisiana’s Republican Governor, Bobby Jindal gave a keynote speech at a meeting of the Republican National Committee. The speech came on the heels of the GOP being burned in the November election, not only in the Presidential race, but in key Senate and House races that they actually should have and possibly would […]