Donald Trump Says He Wants To Run Against Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump has been pulling out all the stops in his campaign to win the Republican nomination for president. While he and other GOP candidates have done everything they can to secure the votes of the primary base, Bernie Sanders has been talking about real issues like police brutality and income inequality. Since the beginning, […]

This Profound Video Explains Why Clickbait Is Destroying Our Political System

To start with, let me first disclose the fact that I am not a traditional journalist, and yes, I used a “clickbait” title. I have never taken a single course in journalism, and I was mostly disinterested in politics for years after being raised to be a conservative activist, before leaving the GOP as a […]

Ronald Reagan’s Daughter: ‘My Father Would Be So Appalled’ At Today’s Republicans

Ronald Reagan is constantly invoked by Republican politicians, as well as conservative media talking heads. Inevitably, Rush Limbaugh or the current members of the GOP primary field will refer to themselves as “Reagan conservatives” – despite the fact that he would almost certainly be seen as a raving liberal lunatic under current conservative standards. For […]

The NRA And The GOP Are Equally Responsible For America’s Mass Shootings

Let me preface this article on mass shootings and the NRA by stating that I am a gun owner. I currently own a .243 Savage bolt action hunting rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun, and a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson M&P Shield handgun. Since I was a young child, I have used firearms and know […]

Viral Conservative YouTube “Star” CJ Pearson Turns His Back On The GOP

Back in the 1990s, I was groomed to be a conservative activist. This was before the days of viral YouTube videos and smartphones. In those days, the Internet was confined to clunky desktop computers on dial-up connections. Whenever we could, we’d advocate for conservative political campaigns or participate in anti-abortion rallies. I was taught to […]

The GOP’s Right-Wing Terror Campaign Against Planned Parenthood

As most probably know by now,¬†there was a domestic terrorist attack¬†at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs yesterday afternoon. Three people were confirmed dead, including one police officer. The suspect, who was taken alive, is a white male that apparently carried out his attack with an assault rifle. All signs point to right-wing terrorism, […]

Texas Republican Proposes Putting Secession On State’s Presidential Primary Ballot

Many residents of Texas have flirted with the idea of secession, probably since the state initially joined the Union all the way back in 1845. In recent years, conservatives have been pushing the concept again and are arguing that secession is legal. Obviously, secession is out of the question as the short-lived Confederacy found out […]

Rand Paul Might Have Just Ended His Chances Of Becoming President With This Suggestion

Out of all of the seemingly hundreds of Republican candidates who have announced they’re running for president in 2016, the only one that I kind of like is Rand Paul. Don’t get me wrong, under that veneer of civil libertarian rhetoric designed to appeal to younger and more progressive voters, he’s pretty much just a […]

Glenn Beck Blasts The Republican Party: ‘I’m Done With Them’

It’s a very rare day when you’ll see me talk about Glenn Beck, let alone agree with him. After all, the guy was booted from Fox News. If your act is too crazy for Fox, that says a lot about the people you’re trying to attract. That’s right, I said it was an act. Glenn […]

A New Poll Shows The GOP’s Amazing Lack Of Diversity

There’s no other way to spin this poll; the Republican Party has a severe diversity issue on their hands. Of course, this won’t stop them from adding possibly even more seats in the House and perhaps maintaining control of the Senate – but it won’t give them the White House. Barring some miraculous turn out […]