Abortion Rates Decline Nationwide, Except In Two Conservative States

Abortion rates are on a major decline across the United States, and while social conservatives will point to this as proof that anti-abortion laws that were passed in red states work, it’s not as simple as that. While abortion rates were down in nearly all states that data was available for, Louisiana and Michigan actually […]

Fox News Complains That Reagan-Era Program Has Been ‘Hijacked’ By Obama

President Obama recently blasted the folks over at Fox News for constantly stereotyping poor people as being lazy and wanting handouts. This portrayal has long been a talking point repeated over and over again by conservative media as well as the people who parrot the propaganda word for word. Even conservatives who receive financial assistance […]

Exposing Three of the Biggest Republican Lies About the Minimum Wage

Republicans are full of a lot of rhetoric and keep up with it as I might, I still have trouble. ¬†After all, there are seemingly endless amounts of delusional thoughts spewing from their mouths and only one of me to keep up with them all. And while much of what they stand for seems more […]