Ted Cruz Just Got Busted Telling One of the Most Outrageous Lies He’s Ever Told

Before Donald Trump stood tall as the most dishonest Republican in this country, there was Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Possibly the most loathed man in either major party — including Trump — Cruz’s lying was rather infamous. While it’s now dwarfed when compared to the fictional tales of delusion and conspiracies often pushed by Trump, […]

To Those Blaming Democrats for the Government Shutdown: You’re Out of Your Damn Minds

Only in the twisted, and often flat-out delusional, minds of today’s Republican Party and the people who support it could they blame Democrats for a government shutdown when the GOP controls the House, Senate, and White House. Make no mistake about it, this shutdown is a fabricated crisis created by Trump and the Republican Party. […]

Not a Joke: GOP Rep. Tries to Blame Government Shutdown on Barack Obama (Video)

Just when you thought you had heard everything, leave it to Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) to say something so incredibly stupid I had to double check what I had heard with my own ears. A year into Donald Trump’s “presidency,” with the GOP in full control of the House and Senate, Rep. Black knows who’s […]

5 Things the Government Shutdown Proves About Donald Trump and the Republican Party

Despite the fact Republicans control the House, Senate, and White House, our government is currently “closed.” While Donald Trump and the GOP are doing everything they can to convince people that Democrats should be blamed for the shutdown, this is almost entirely on them. Trump’s the one who ended DACA, while the GOP-controlled Congress let […]

A Message to Any Fool Trying to Blame Democrats for a Possible Government Shutdown

At this point, whether or not the government shuts down is anybody’s guess. I’d say it’s unlikely because Donald Trump’s just trying to set the stage for some sort of dramatic moment where he can act like he’s “swooping in” to save the day, try to make himself look good, and prevent our government from […]

Ted Cruz Is A Sociopathic Loose Cannon That Even Other Republicans Are Afraid Of

Ted Cruz is slipping in the polls with Republican primary voters, but that really doesn’t matter to him. To Ted Cruz, wanting to be the standard-bearer of the Tea Party movement is more important than passing legislation or broadening the appeal of a political party that is quickly losing popularity with American voters. His presidential […]

Ted Cruz Will Try To Shut Down The Government Over Planned Parenthood, Just To Send A Message

The chances of Republicans taking back the White House are looking slimmer by the day. Even while candidates like John Kasich or Jeb Bush try hard to avoid acting like members of the “stupid party” Bobby Jindal warned about shortly before he ignored his own advice, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are proving to potential […]

Paul Ryan Once Again Proves How Spineless He Really Is (Video)

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think Paul Ryan is one of the biggest scumbags in all of politics. He’s a hypocrite, a coward and he’s made his disdain for impoverished Americans quite clear. Well, during an interview Ryan was confronted by Bob Schieffer concerning a comment he wrote in his recent book […]

Dear Conservatives: Thanks for Being Horrible

Plato said, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” And so, conservatives, you deserve the nation’s gratitude for being so horrible. There is no possible way people of reason can sit by and let you continue to gain power. Thank you for shaking […]

Ted Cruz’s Latest Ridiculous Comments Further Prove How Delusional He Is

What’s with the name “Ted,” combined with living in Texas, that seems to make some people completely delusional?  While Ted Nugent’s exploits lately have been well documented, we can’t forget that Ted Cruz is another conservative in Texas who’s quite possibly completely out of his mind. Cruz literally blames people for doing exactly what he […]