Ted Cruz Is A Sociopathic Loose Cannon That Even Other Republicans Are Afraid Of

Ted Cruz is slipping in the polls with Republican primary voters, but that really doesn’t matter to him. To Ted Cruz, wanting to be the standard-bearer of the Tea Party movement is more important than passing legislation or broadening the appeal of a political party that is quickly losing popularity with American voters. His presidential […]

Ted Cruz Will Try To Shut Down The Government Over Planned Parenthood, Just To Send A Message

The chances of Republicans taking back the White House are looking slimmer by the day. Even while candidates like John Kasich or Jeb Bush try hard to avoid acting like members of the “stupid party” Bobby Jindal warned about shortly before he ignored his own advice, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are proving to potential […]

Paul Ryan Once Again Proves How Spineless He Really Is (Video)

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think Paul Ryan is one of the biggest scumbags in all of politics. He’s a hypocrite, a coward and he’s made his disdain for impoverished Americans quite clear. Well, during an interview Ryan was confronted by Bob Schieffer concerning a comment he wrote in his recent book […]

Dear Conservatives: Thanks for Being Horrible

Plato said, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” And so, conservatives, you deserve the nation’s gratitude for being so horrible. There is no possible way people of reason can sit by and let you continue to gain power. Thank you for shaking […]

Ted Cruz’s Latest Ridiculous Comments Further Prove How Delusional He Is

What’s with the name “Ted,” combined with living in Texas, that seems to make some people completely delusional?  While Ted Nugent’s exploits lately have been well documented, we can’t forget that Ted Cruz is another conservative in Texas who’s quite possibly completely out of his mind. Cruz literally blames people for doing exactly what he […]

Ted Cruz’s Delusion Continues, Accuses Bob Schieffer of Repeating Liberal Talking Points for Simply Stating Facts

In many ways, I truly believe Ted Cruz represents the exact type of conservatives the Republican party really wants running this country.  Which is a terrifying thought considering he’s quickly proving himself to be quite possibly insane. I think most of us are well aware of what happened during the whole government shutdown fiasco.  Basically, […]

The Year in Stupidity: A Look Back at the Dumbest Republican Moments of 2013

It’s that time of year again. The time when we get ready to grab the bubbly and ring in the new year. But, before we do, let’s have a look back… In January of 2013, Governor Bobby Jindal implored his party to, “Stop being the stupid party,”  during a National Republican Committee meeting. Unfortunately, his party […]

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is Quickly Becoming the Next Sarah Palin — and That’s a Great Thing

Politics is a funny thing because it seems many Americans have a very short attention span when it comes to the subject.  Recent history proves that. For eight years, we had President Bush and a mostly Republican-controlled Congress running this country into the ground.  We finally get rid of him in 2008.  Finally we had a Democratic […]

A Look at the Future of the Republican Party and its Impending Collapse

It’s no secret that I’m not a Republican.  Very little they do makes any sense, and usually when they do something that does make some kind of sense it’s a PR move following some epic disaster.  For example, many Republicans are now pushing away from the tea party following the incredibly unpopular government shutdown that […]

Rand Paul Calls Shutdown a “Dumb Idea,” Then Suggests He Would Do It All Over Again

When I think of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, the first thing that comes to mind (aside from massive amounts of plagiarism) is “name recognition.”  As in, the only reason this guy got where he is in politics to start with is because of who his dad is.  The guy’s an absolute moron.  While I’ve always […]