More Bad News for Christie: Ex-Port Authority Official Says ‘Evidence Exists’ He Knew About Lane Closure

I would say this news surprised me, but it didn’t.  Since the news of the “bridge scandal” initially broke, I didn’t believe for a single moment that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had no knowledge about what was going on. Which is basically what the ex-Port Authority official who oversaw the lane closure, and high […]

Why Chris Christie’s Victory Could Possibly Tear the Republican Party Apart

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie won an easy victory in his bid for re-election last night — there’s absolutely no denying that.  So Republicans all around the country should be full of joy and jubilation over the fact that a Republican won decisively in a very “blue” state, right? Not so fast. Granted, I’m sure […]

Chris Christie Easily Wins Re-Election, But Trust Me – He’s a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Chris Christie winning re-election this evening in New Jersey wasn’t any kind of a shock to anyone.  For weeks polls had showed him headed towards an easy victory over his Democratic opponent Barbara Buono. What concerns me is how many liberals I’ve spoken with actually praise Christie and say they might consider voting for him […]

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Reveals His True Colors at RNC Meetings

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has made a name for himself recently for calling out some of the more radical members of the Republican party.  Most recently he had a week long “feud” with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, one of the more vocal (and controversial) prominent Republican members of Congress. And while I’ve enjoyed seeing […]