Texas Lt. Governor Says Wendy Davis Doesn’t Stand a Chance in Statewide Race

Wendy Davis has yet to even announce any intention to run for Governor of Texas, yet the attacks on the current Texas State Senator continue to mount. The most recent comes from current Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.  Speaking Tuesday in his home town, Dewhurst said: “It’s my hope, my friends, that about a year […]

Rick Perry’s Potential Successor “Thanks” Person Who Called Wendy Davis “Retard Barbie”

As people celebrate the light at the end of the tunnel with Rick Perry’s impending last day as Governor of Texas, I can’t help but remind people of the saying,”Be careful what you wish for.”   While the country might not know much about Greg Abbott, the Republican who wants to succeed Rick Perry, they […]

Think Texas Governor Rick Perry is Bad? Let Me Introduce You to His Likely Successor

Experience has taught me that the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for,” is often more true than not.  After George W. Bush left for the White House, many Texans claimed that it “couldn’t get any worse” than Bush was as Governor of Texas. When millions of Texans uttered those words, they had no […]

Wendy Davis, the next Governor of Texas? Let’s Make It Happen

Sometimes I wonder if most people outside of Texas think every politician here is some right-wing lunatic that subscribes to the deepest reaches of the bowels of the Republican Party. Sadly, for a lot of them, that’s absolutely true. But last night the entire nation got a good look at what Texas also has, a […]