Raising Taxes On The Rich Shouldn’t Be A Political Issue, It’s Good Economic Sense

President Obama has proposed raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans by targeting the money that is passed down through inheritance. Naturally, Republicans are not happy about the idea and will undoubtedly block the proposal at every turn, despite the fact that President Obama’s plan is touted as beneficial to the middle class, a group that […]

The Great Recession Is Over, So Why Are American Workers Still Struggling?

It’s almost a daily occurrence where I’ll hear some conservative complaining about how “Obummer is killing our economy” and how government regulations are killing the jobs market. This is usually combined with a rant about how President Obama is trying to kill off Americans with Ebola, impose Communism, sharia law or whatever else the right-wing […]

Can You Imagine if a Republican President…

You can’t turn on Fox News without hearing about how “horrible” President Obama is.  Since January 20, 2009, it’s been an endless attack about how terrible he is and how awful his policies have been for Americans. Which I always find laughable considering the terrible state our economy was in following 8 years of disastrous […]