The Republican Party is Driven by Two of the Most Destructive Forces in Human History

When it comes down to my issues with the Republican party, the root of most of my opposition lies in my belief that their ideology just doesn’t make any sense. They talk endlessly about freedom and liberty, while simultaneously pushing for religious rule over our government. Which doesn’t make any sense considering religion is nearly […]

Trickle-Down Economics, Greed and the Republican Party are Destroying American Values

Republicans love pushing easy to regurgitate rhetoric because it’s much easier to brainwash people with simple catch phrases than it is to inform them of complex issues.  Doubt me?  Just watch a WWE event and see which wrestlers are most popular – the ones with catchy catch phrases.  Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve […]

The One Dirty Word Republicans Will Never Use, But It’s The Driving Force Behind Most Of Our Problems

When it comes to political debate there’s seemingly an endless stream of opinions – and even supposed “facts.”  You know, because it’s perfectly acceptable now days to call proven facts “opinions” if you happen to disagree with them. But lost in all the back and forth rhetoric about gay rights, women’s rights, economic ideologies, government […]

If a Second Revolution Does Come, it Won’t be Fought By the Rich – but Against Them

There’s a lot of talk here lately about a “second revolution” coming soon, usually by conservatives upset because the Constitution doesn’t protect their attempts to restrict the rights of others.  You also hear this statement come up when passing sensible gun regulation begins to make headlines. I mostly laugh the idea off mainly because we’re living […]

The Republican Party Will Never Represent Christianity

I’ve been pretty clear on my stance that Republicans don’t follow Christianity, they follow what I call “Republicanity.”  It’s a mixture of a political party and a handful of excerpts from the Bible — specifically the Old Testament. The problem is, real Christianity is about giving, loving, hoping, accepting and forgiving.  And these aren’t traits […]