Fox News Host Calls Republicans Out for Writing ‘Horrific’ Letter to Iran (Video)

While many within the GOP continue to publicly support the letter that 47 Republican senators sent to Iran, I get the feeling that more than just a few are regretting their decision to put their names to that now infamous letter – especially considering what an embarrassment it’s turned out to be for their party. […]

Ex-Navy Seal Makes Absurd Claim About President Obama On Fox News

Recently I was discussing politics with a friend when I told him that following the horrific eight years this country endured under George W. Bush, no matter who the next president was they were going to be extremely polarizing. Then we happened to elect President Obama, our nation’s first African American president, and that only […]

Fox News Host: President Obama “Was Pathetic,” Makes You “Want to Slit Your Throat”

Being a writer, there’s a certain level of hyperbole and emotional response that I’ve learned to embrace.  I mean, pushing the edge sometimes is just apart of selling an idea or making a point.   But even then, there’s a line where you go from making a point to just being ridiculous. And trust me, […]

Fox News Host Exposes Fallacy in Claim by Florida Woman that Her Premiums Are Going Up 900%

Most every liberal knows a simple fact about Fox News: it’s essentially the leading mouthpiece for the entire Republican party.  If the GOP wants a message or talking point to be regurgitated by the masses, they don’t need to look any further than Fox News to push that message. So you just had to know […]